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In addition to the four "external" systems every law firm needs to scale to and thru $1M with total ease, in this three-part training, we also cover the essential three "internal" systems.

Love the idea of expansion but hate the idea of hiring, firing and everything in between? We’ve got you. The key to cultivating a team of A+ employees (or contractors) is in your hiring process. The key to keeping them is in your leadership style and your management process (and, ultimately, team). In module one of this three-course training, we share with you the same People Management system we share with our private clients.

In the second module, you'll discover how to set up Technology Systems. We all know we want to use “technology” and “automation” to help streamline and systematize our law firm businesses, BUT how often do we wind up testing out the latest-and-greatest tool everyone is clamoring about on social media only to discover it is not for us (and regretting we wasted the time and money on it). Tech tools are fabulous but it is critical to make sure you are not overinvesting in technology you do not need.

Module three covers the last of the three critical "internal" systems, Financial Management. No professional service business can or will succeed without good financial management. In this module we help you set up yours.

We'll also cover:

How to solve the number one problem most law firm owners face when scaling their businesses

The first place to start your hiring process (and, no, it’s not with your job posting)

How to assess and determine who your next best hire will be

How to help employees hold themselves accountable

Top 5 Mistakes Attorney's Make With Content Marketing

Two types of managers and which manager type should oversee what

5 tips for making termination less painful for you and your soon-to-be-ex employee

Why you need a system for selecting and managing technology

My Proprietary 4-Step Technology Decision Framework

7 Must-Have Security Policies

Standard “Technology Kit” requirements

And other key technology and automation considerations so you get the most value from your technology investments

What you may be missing on the security front, and why it is critical you pay attention to cybersecurity if you don’t want to face a Bar grievance (and lose your license)

5 key financial roles that must be filled (and by whom)

4 law firm billing models (and which one is right for you)

5 ways we leave money on the table (and how to stop it!)

5 steps to better time tracking (and, yes, time tracking is important even if you are a flat-fee biller)

Recommended 4-step billing process

Key performance indicators (KPIs) and why you should be tracking them

My favorite KPIs (with the formulas you need to know)—and why

My favorite financial reports (and why)

This course if for you if you are a law firm owner who has been struggling with setting up these three critical systems: People Management, Technology Management and Financial Management.

See you on the other side!

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