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In this four-module training, we take a deep dive into the four external law firm systems every law firm needs to scale to and thru $1M in gross annual revenue. We begin with module one, Client Attraction and Conversions systems. This system not only helps you attract your ideal prospects, but also convert them into ideal clients--without "selling" that makes you feel like you need a shower after.

In the second module, we dig into the details of setting up a Client Intake and Onboarding system that will not only help you onboard your new clients in an organized what to benefit you throughout the life of the case, but also skyrocket your clients' condience in you and your team, setting the exact right tone for the attorney/client relationship right from the start.

Module three cover the Client Service and Fullfillment system. This is where you get to do the thing you went to law school to do—help clients solve their most urgent legal problems.

The last module in this course helps you with that critical last impression which can mean the difference between creating your best referrer of future business or setting yourself up for a negative online review.

We'll also cover:

Identify your ideal clients—those clients you love to serve (and who pay you in full and on time)

Attract your ideal clients with total ease by hanging out where they hang out

Quickly filter our less-than-ideal clients

Help ideal clients say “yes” immediately and redirect all others

Why and how to establish clear expectations right out of the gate

How to provide a predictable path for ongoing communications (so that client communication—the number one Bar grievance—is never an issue for you and your team again)

How to instantly instill client confidence in you, your team, and your law firm

How to instruct clients on necessary terms and conditions of the law firm/client relationship

How to hold and keep those critical professional boundaries

Why it is important to focus on the process of fulfillment instead of jumping straight into work

Why you need a case management system (and what to consider before investing in one)

The number of reasons “case management systems” don’t feel like enough for some people (which leaves you exposed to “Shiny Object Syndrome”

Alternative pre-programmed case management systems

Why you need a client service system (and what, exactly, it is)

Why the close-out or “disengagement” letter is critical to offboarding a client

5 essential elements of an effective close-out/disengagement letter (with 2 great add-ons)

How to increase 5-star reviews with this one simple addition to your close-out process

The one secret to avoiding messing file closing in your case management software

What it means to “remarket,” why it is important, and how to do it

If you want to create a high-touch client service experience, effectively manage the workflow of all your matters, and ensure more five-star client reviews, then this course is for you.

See you on the other side.

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