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I’m so excited you’ve decided to join me for the 5-DAY CHALLENGE! In this challenge, you’ll discover how to:

Reset your mindset so you are highly “attractive” for your right-fit ideal job candidates.

Get clear on who exactly needs to be on your million-dollar team (and who does not need to be)

Determine who your first hire should be (and your hire after that and the one after that) (Hint: this is the key to effective delegation).

Get clear on your core values and your law firm’s core values. This is CRITICAL to cultivating a right-fit team.

Create a hiring funnel that works! We’ll cover what a hiring funnel is, why you need one, and all the critical elements.

Craft a magnetic job posting (and why this isn’t your first step).

Interview prospects to eliminate wrong-fit candidates quickly so there’s no time waste and maximize your time with right-fit prospects so you get the critical answers you need before making an offer.

Pro-actively recruit good candidates and invite them to apply instead of waiting passively for someone to notice your ad.

Put together an irresistible offer no right-fit candidate can refuse (and, no, it’s not all about money.)

Bring it all together.

Next steps.

What’s included:

Recordings of all 5 trainings so you can re-watch or watch any sessions you missed.

Workbook, templates and cheat sheets so you can begin implementing all you are learning right away.

Private Facebook group where you can ask all your questions—up to 30 days of support!

Opportunity for continued support as you scale your law firm business, set up systems and learn to hire, training and manage a high-performing team.

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