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This 3-module mini-course will identify the seven essential law firm systems every law firm needs to scale to and thru $1M with total ease. In the first module you'll discover how to shift your mindset from DIY to "systems thinker," which is critical to establishing a systems-driven law firm business. The second module in this training covers all 7 Essential Law Firm Systems, both internal and external system.

In module three, you'll learn the exact formula I teach my private clients to set up all your law firm systems with total ease. We not only lay out all the systems, we dive deep into how to transfer institutional knowledge to others so they can help you implement.

We'll also cover:

What it means to be a “systems thinker.”

The stories we tell ourselves about why “systems” won’t work for us (and what to do to shift this belief).

The Mindset Makeover Model—where you get real about what’s keeping you stuck and why you’ve never had success with systems before now.

The 7 Essential Law Firm Systems every successful law firm business needs to scale to and thru $1M with total ease (we’ll deep dive into each).

The two types of systems and the differences between them.

Why you need both if you want to build a profitable, sustainable law firm business.

Why you are not the best person to set up your systems (even if you think you are).

Who should be setting up your systems and how.

The 7 Steps to Set Up Systems.

How to get institutional knowledge out of your head into theirs in a way that doesn’t suck up any more of your valuable time.

The Systems Team’s Roles and Responsibilities.

The biggest mistake I see business owners make when trying to shift to a systems-driven model (and how to avoid it).

If you are ready to organize your law firm and set up systems so you can be free from day-to-day operations and focus on the highest and best use of your time, then this course is for you.

See you on the other side!

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