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This three-module mini-training is all about attracting ideal clients--those clients who not only pay you on time and in full but whom you love to serve. In the first module, we help you Assess Your Advantages so you are crystal clear on what sets you and your firm apart from others who offer similar services.

In the second module, you'll discover how to Monetize Your Message by identifying your ideal client and then getting in front of them with your unique, compelling message so they clamor to hire you.

In module three, it's all about Activating Your Audience. You'll discover where you fit into the buyer’s journey, how to activate your powers of attraction and, lastly, how to convert, close and ask for what you are worth (without feeling icky about it). Yep, we are talking about consultations that close, so you can do the work you feel called to do for people you love to help.

We'll also cover:

How to avoid this common branding mistake most law firm owners make;

How to start working in your strengths (and what those are, exactly); and

The number one reason you keep making bad hires that don’t “fit” in with your firm culture.

Six common content marketing mistakes law firms make;

Our proprietary “pick-your-mix” formula to open the floodgates of ideal clients; and

The 5-4–3-2-1-1 formula that’s helped so many of my wealthy woman lawyer clients scale their businesses quickly.

My six favorite manifesting tools (Yes, I actually use these as do my private clients)

The one big money block that may be keeping you from securing your bag.

The 5-Step Consulting-to-Close Formula I teach my private clients. They love it because it works!

If you are fed up with clients who refuse to pay you what you are worth, drive you nuts with their all-hour-of-day-and-night phone calls, emails and texts, and make you question why you even became a lawyer, then this training is for you. It's time to take back control of your law firm business and start setting some boundaries. Instead, work with those who not only appreciate your professional expertise, but also know that it's worth the investment.

Implement the tools we share in the training and you are sure to not only make your investment back on this course, but 10X it in no time.

See you on the other side!

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