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This 3-module mini-training is all about mastering your money and managing your law firm with confidence. In module one, you'll discover not only how to track your numbers, but also which key performance indicators you need to be looking at throughout the year to determine if your business is staying healthy and on track.

In the second module, we'll cover why it is critical to invest in your most important asset...YOU! If you want to be a millionaire (or billionaire), they you must start with upleveling the way you think about money--how you acquire, keep spend, save and invest it.

Module 3 in this mini-course covers accumulating assets. Learn to understand an apply the secrets of the wealthy so you can join their ranks!

We'll also cover:

What KPIs are and which ones you should definitely be tracking if you want a wealth-generating law firm;

My beef with “Profit First” (and what I love about it); and

The model law firm budget I teach to help all my clients increase their profitability to 40+% (more if they want it).

Why your business is not your “baby” (and what it really is);

The five actions you must take if you want to become a seven-figure law firm; and

Why “leading” is not the number one job of a law firm CEO (and what the two most important jobs are).

The number one asset you should focus on growing once you hit a million dollars (and maybe even before then);

A hidden asset that you may not be taking full advantage of–but should; and

The easiest way to amass personal wealth once you’ve created your wealth-generating law firm.

If you are one of those lawyers who say "I hate math! That's my I became a lawyer!" then this training is for you. Learn to master business math so you can own and operate a wealth-generating law firm business for years to come!

Apply what you learn here and you'll not only make more but save more than enough money to cover the cost of your investment in this program--and likely at least 10X more!

See you on the inside!

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