Need Systems for Your Law Firm? We've Got You Covered.

When I say the word "systems" to most law firm owners, they automatically think "case management" or "workflows." And while case management with workflows are a great tools, if you want to a systems-driven law firm that not only generates wealth for you but, more importantly, gives you back your time--time you can spend traveling to exotic locales, or with your family and friends, or just taking care of yourself--then you'll need to implement 7 essential systems.

In my new book, I not only share with you these 7 essential systems, but I provide insight into how, exactly, you can set them up with total ease. Implement these systems and you'll take back your time, avoid burnout, and create lasting wealth. Enjoy!

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INSIDE THIS BOOK, you’ll not only discover the 7 essential systems every law firm needs to scale to and thru $1M in gross annual revenue, but you’ll also learn…

The time management fallacy that’s keeping you stuck working “in” your business instead of enjoying the freedom that comes with creating a systems-driven business.

The top three limiting beliefs that likely are holding you back from leveraging your resources so you can not only make more money in your law firm business but spend less time doing it!

Three liberating points of leverage you likely are not taking advantage of at this stage in your law firm business (and how to start today). Stop doing #allthethings and start doing a better job of leveraging resources you already have!

Four ‘External’ systems that, done right, make life easier for your team, dramatically increase client satisfaction, and skyrocket your revenue (and profits).

Three ‘Internal’ systems and why they are powerful revenue-generator, not just “expenses.” (Don’t get it twisted like most small law firm owners and solos do.)

Success stories of law firm owners who’ve successfully implemented systems like these and reaped the rewards including revenue increases of up to 250%. (One client added a whole $1M to her bottom line in just one year by following these methods, and another scaled to $1.5 while only working 3 to 4 days a week!)

Plus, key elements of each system, how to set them up in a way that works for your law firm, specifically, advanced methods to deploy as you scale, and so much more!

Whether your vision is to build a traditional brick and mortar law firm with you as the named partner and a large team of lawyers and staffers working for you, or it’s to create a virtual law firm business with remote workers all over the U.S. (or even the world), you’ll walk away with at least one gold nugget from reading this book (if not many, many more).

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Davina Frederick is a Florida-licensed attorney, law firm growth strategist, and business coach for women law firm owners. Prior to starting her own law firm in 2007 and growing it successfully during the 2008 recession and its aftermath, she enjoyed a career as a professional services marketer. In 2013, she founded D. Frederick Media and Marketing, LLC, with the goal of helping professional service business owners implement their marketing strategies. However, she quickly discovered that most did not even have a strategy! It was then she began to work with her clients to develop strategic growth plans for their businesses and to coach them through the implementation of these plans, including how to market and sell, cultivate A+ teams, and set-up systems-driven businesses.

Since most of Davina’s clients were women law firm owners who wanted the inside-scoop on how Davina had successfully created and scaled her own law firm, she began to focus on serving just women law firm owner clients. In 2020, Davina rebranded her company to reflect this shift, creating Wealthy Woman Lawyer.® Wealthy Woman Lawyer® assists women law firm owners in scaling their law firms into $1M+ wealth-generating businesses, without overwork or overwhelm.



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