Wealthy Woman Lawyer®

$1M+ Law Firm Framework

Join an exclusive community for women law firm owners who want to work together to scale their businesses with the $1M Wealthy Woman Lawyer® Framework. In this guided, 12-week program you’ll learn the exact skills you need to scale your law firm to a million dollars in annual gross revenue. Plus, you’ll enjoying being part of a mastermind community with other aspiring million-dollar women law firm owners just like you!

A guided 12-week course (15 hours of video content with audio files and transcripts).

Handouts, worksheets, checklists and examples.

Live mastermind, Q&A and coaching calls.

Bonuses galore! (some for taking fast action).

A community of like-minded, high-achieving and ambitious women law firm owners to support you.

No Risk Guarantee!

Don't pay anything for 30 days! Get access to the program AND the League for 30 days from the date you sign up for the program–and you won’t be required to pay a dime until the 30th day.

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